DIY Natural Spray Gel…

DIY Natural Spray Gel

Hair mousse lovers rejoice, because you now have a natural product to keep your hair curly all day! I always get excited about creating a new product. This time around I’m even more excited! This is super easy to whip together and works great for curly hair. I have been trying to figure out a good replacement for mousse. Naturally, my hair is wavy curly and the only thing that would work to hold the curls together without making it crunchy was mousse. Problem was, making a natural version seemed impossible. I’ve been marinating on the idea for 3 years now… Seriously 3 years… One day I saw my aloe vera gel on the counter and thought “why not make a spray gel?” And wa la that’s how ideas are made.

DIY Natural Spray Gel

diy natural spray gel 2


Directions: Dissolve sugar in warm water and allow to cool (place in the fridge for a few minutes to speed up the process). Once cooled combine aloe vera gel, sugar water, vitamin E oil, and essential oils. Place in a fine mist spray bottle.

To use: After washing your hair or wetting it down, comb it through. Then apply spray gel rubbing it through your hair. I usual like to allow my hair to air dry for a few minutes before applying the spray gel. Then I let my hair air dry until it is almost completely dry, finishing it by using a blow dryer and scrunching it. But everybody’s hair is a little different so do what you know works for your curly hair.

On the second day after I’ve worn my hair curly, I refresh the curls by lightly wetting my hair and spraying it with a little more spray gel, working it through with  my hands, and  blow drying it on low while scrunching.

 Side note: This is powerful stuff so you don’t need to go crazy spraying a ton on. Once you use it a few times you will get the hang on how much to use for your hair.

The best part about this spray gel is you know all the ingredients that are going into this product and don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals. Even if it’s just your hair, your skin still absorbs around 80% of what you put on it so if you’re using harmful chemicals in your hair and they get on your skin then your skin will absorb some of those chemicals.

Are you a hair mousse lover? Ready to give a natural product a shot?

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Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop #71…


Hey y’all! Hope you had a great week! We sure did at our house because we were in the Bahamas!!! Wooop! I’m sad and happy to be home but super happy to have such a relaxing vacation! It was must needed!

This week I shared…

friend style 5

Fashion: Friend Style

braided updo Collage 2

Easy Braided Updo

Thank you all for participating! So happy to have you joining me and the other blog hop ladies: JordanSaraCarrie, and Katie!

Blog Hop Blank 5 banner

We now have 5 hosts! That means when you link up to 1 blog your link show up on all 5 blogs! More opportunity for you to be seen! Party opens at 8:00pm CST Sunday Evenings! Let’s get our party on! But first a few rules….

▪   Link up your crafts, frugal finds, recipes, DIY projects, clothing, happenings around the house, homemaking…. anything made by you!

▪   The posts can be new or old! But please don’t link up the same project each week. It will be deleted.

▪   Make sure you link to a direct post not just your blog home page. It makes it easier for people to find your post!

▪   Link back to us… Grab a button or just put a little link at the bottom of your post!


▪   Visit other blogs linking up to the hop! Feel free to spread the love and tell your friends about our blog hop.

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Fashion: Friend Style…

friend style 5

I love my friends! They are seriously the best! Whenever we are together it is like we were never apart. I mention Jordan all the time on the blog because she is my crafty partner in crime and one of the most creative and stylish people I know. Well that pretty little red head there… that’s Sarah! And below in the red and white striped shirt, that’s Laura! Both are some of my best friends.. Unfortunately, I don’t get to see Sarah that often.

Friend Stylefriend style 2friend style 6

Last year, our church announced they would be sending off not one, but two church plants! Mind blowing! We usually send out a new church plant to a university city every 2 years. Well last year we had twins! Church planting is one of those things that is super exciting and sad at the same time. Exciting that more people will hear about Jesus, but sad because we know some of our best friends may be going. Last year, Sarah and her hubby felt called to go on the church plant to Penn State. They sold their house, some of their stuff, packed there things, and traveled a million hours to State College, PA. Which was really hard! I cried a lot. But luckily she has family here in southern Illinois so we still get to see them at least twice a year!

friends style 4

This year it will be 3 times yay! Sarah is an amazing Godly, very organized women! Which makes me so happy, because I’m not. I don’t know how she puts up with me and my disorganization :). She actually reminds me a lot of my hubby which is probably why I like her so much!

Even though we don’t see each other that much, when we get together it’s like a day hasn’t gone by.

And one last embarrassing picture of Jordan and I being goofy!

friend style 8

What I’m Wearing:

Sweater: Target on Clearance $10/ Tribal Top: Good Will/ Pants: Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s/ Shoes: Tom’s

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