DIY Hydrating Face and Body Cream

DIY Face and Body cream

This cream/lotion is super easy to make and very hydrating! The hardest part about it is waiting for it to be ready!

My skin has been really dry lately (probably due to the crazy weather here in southern Illinois)! Making my own natural products is important to me, but lotion just seemed scary and way to complicated! Well, I was wrong and it’s not! With just a few ingredients and a little time it’s ready! The best part…. I know exactly what is in it! No crazy ingredients and I can tweak it exactly how I want! Yipee!

DIY Hydrating Face and Body Cream

  • 1 Tbs bees wax
  • 1/4 cup shea butter
  • 1/4 cup organic coconut oil (I like Trader Joe’s brand)
  • 3/4 cup aloe vera gel
  • 1 oz (about 1 Tbs) vitamin E oil
  • 20 drops essential oil (optional)
  • 1 Tb bentonite clay (optional)

Directions: In a microwave safe bowl or in a double boiler gently melt bees wax, shea butter, and coconut oil. Place melted oils into a blender or mixer and allow to cool completely (this is the really hard part)! In a separate bowl mix together aloe vera gel, vitamin E oil, and essential oils (optional). After the oil mixture has cooled blend oils, slowly adding the aloe vera mixture! Now you have lotion whoop! Remove lotion and place in a small container with a lid. (Optional) Blend in bentonite clay (do not use metal)!

Note: If the lotion gets too hot it will melt (learned this the hard way), so keep in a cool place in your house. We usually have our house at or a little about 75 degrees and it is fine!

I’m in love with this lotion! It is a thick, creamy, luxurious, and good for my skin! It is has the consistency of that whipped yogurt or my homemade whipped coconut body butter, but it absorbs more quickly and doesn’t feel oily. I have been putting it on my face and my complexion is definitely clearing up and getting less dry! Finally!!!

What kind of homemade products do you make?

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  1. says

    This sounds yummy! I’m in Northern Wisconsin and drying out, too! Where do you get bee’s wax?
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    • Kandi says

      You Can Find beeswax online. Look at ebay. You have farmers with bees for honey, that also sell the wax. It’s not supper expensive. You can also buy pellets from craft stores, but I like to support the bee keeper. Kandi

    • Michele Woody says

      I found beeswax at Michael’s (craft store that sells soap and candle making supplies as well as craft items). I live near Fort Smith, Ark but am not sure what states have Michael’s and what states do not.

      • Anonymous says

        Neat, I was scrolling through comments and saw Fort Smith! That doesn’t happen everyday! I was born.there & went to U A Fayetteville. Live in northern California now. Most of my family is still in ft smith and Greenwood lol….totally random. :) have a good one!

  2. Brooke says

    I love your website!! Its soooo cute.. I am so glad I found it… If you would like to check out my blog too, I would LOVE it.. I am new to the blogging… So if you have any tips you should let me know… I am your newest follower :) I would love it if you followed me back… I’m going to be doing a HUGE fun giveaway soon if your a follower on Facebook or Instagram :)


  3. Rebecca Payne says

    Just recently discovered this website and tried out the dry laundry soap, and like it. My next adventure will be the body lotion. It sounds a tad bit comclicated, but I’ll give it a try.Thanks Becca

  4. Karen J says

    Just found your website via Frugally Sustainable. Nice. Can I use soy wax instead of the beeswax? If so would I use equal amounts?

    • says

      I don’t see why not! I have never tried it so I can’t promise anything, but I feel like it should work! I would use the same amount of wax. Thanks for stopping by, hope to see you again!

  5. stephanie says

    I use the same ingredients too, however…I also add raw cocoa butter to the mix. and I do not ever use the microwave to melt my products. for it does kill all the good stuff. instead I use a glass saucepan. and I melt the beeswax first then the other’s. when cooled then add the essential oils. I often add grapeseed oil which has a natural spf. since I mostly use it for my face, I add carrot seed oil it is E.O. and its so very good for your face. I also make my own facial astringent, I needed a make up mirror so I purchased one that really magnify’s, I could not believe the black heads OMG!! the astringent I use on my face( can also be used for your arm pits before applying your deodrant) I made an oatmeal scrub, and yes my face did break out for awhile getting rid of those nasty things, but I still kept going. but now my face is clear! and your skin loves the coconut butter mix. I tried some lotion once a few weeks back and had to wash it off, it felt so gross on my skin like my skin just could not breath! 😉 I love your website here and thank you.

  6. Stacey says

    Thanks for this recipe! I made it for some friends and they love it! Sadly, I’ve discovered that even the highest quality of organic extra virgin Coconut Oil/Butter causes me to break out in hives and triggers my contact dermatitis on my skin:( This after I ordered a couple of lbs of it and plastered all over my body after a lukewarm bath, thus I used it up by infusing it with Chamomile and Calendula and making this lotion to give away.

    Anyhow, may I substitute another carrier oil? At the same measurement? I often use pure grapeseed oil infused with raw organic carrot, (fantastic at healing my eczema/contact dermatitis rashes and skin splits, as well as, for clearing my acne prone aging facial skin. An unexpected benefit has been the reduction in the appearance of the large dark patches on my face caused by melasma!).

  7. Anna says

    What kind of aloe vera gel do you use in this? I ordered some online recently and it smells terrible. Definitely not something you’d want to put on your face where you could be smelling it for a while.

  8. Sonja A Gjokas says

    After waiting for months,Ive finally made the facecream, had to find the time! At first it seemed it left a waxy film on me.but after 10 min it seemed to absorb and feeling smooth and soft.tI put it in a reusable pastic bottle ( keeps the contents cleaner) It has a very creamy consistancy.after i melted first few ingred, I added the rest & whisked it until combined instead of using blender.or does blending make it thicker?

  9. says

    Do you find that the lotion separates at all? All the lotions I have made contain water and emulsifying wax so this is very different from what I have made! I am looking forward to trying it. Also. how long do you find the lotion is good for? I use Optiphen which is a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative which extends the shelf life from a week or two in the fridge to 3+ months on my bathroom counter. Do you find it is even an issue with this lotion since it has no water?

    • says

      The only time I’ve had issues with separation is when it comes into contact with metal. My guess is because it deactivates the bentonite clay. I’ve made this multiple multiple times and it has only separated once on me when it came into contact with metal. This lotion is good for 2-3 months. The honey, essential oils, coconut oil, and vit e helps preserve it and fight away bacteria.

  10. Barbara says

    Hello There,

    Thanks so much for all your awesome DIY Stuff! Keep it coming! I was wondering would there happen to be a substitute for the coconut oil? I love coconut oil, but it seems to clog my pores (It also has a comedogenic rating, raging between 2 & 3) and I wouldn’t mind leaving it out.

    I look forward to your reponse =)

  11. sonja G says

    Hi, Ive made this before and it was just my favorite! I was making a new batch today because I used what I had all up.something went wrong this time though because its not thickening up like it did last time.I think it’s because I added a tablespoon of apricot oil.I added about 1/4 or less more shea butter without melting it to the already whipped ingredients,but still not enough. If I get more shea or cocobutter and add it, will that work and make it thicker? Hope to hear from you soon, sonja

    • says

      I couldn’t tell you for sure, but my guess is that it would. Since you already added the aloe it may not. Sorry I can’t be more help :(

  12. Glory Shabouk says

    I like to make it w/out the beeswax and water based ingredients so i don’t need much of a preservative. I whip the shea- with some oils( whatever i have in my stash) – over a bowl of ice and keep whipping it for a day or 2( on and off) it triples in volume! add some corn starch- and its really wonderful stuff.

  13. Nana says

    Hey… I made this a couple of nights ago. It never whipped up white and creamy like yours in the picture. I loved the way it made my skin feel, though, so I put it in jars (for friends to try)…by today, however, it has a grainy feel, with tiny little lumps of what I assume is the shea butter or maybe the coconut oil suspended in a thin lotiony liquid. Reading online, it was suggested that the beeswax does not provide the best emulsification and that a vegetable emulsifying wax might solve the problem. Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this and what they might have done to fix it. Let me say again, though, I totally LOVE the way it makes my skin feel. Thanks!

  14. Carrie says

    I have very dry elbows and knees. After a couple of weeks my elbows are healed and knees improved greatly. This is the best lotion.


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