DIY Natural Powder Foundation

DIY Natural Powder Foundation

I’m so excited to be sharing this recipe with ya’ll today! I have been using this natural powder foundation for a few weeks now and I am loving it! My skin is much clearer, less dry, and I am happy that I know exactly what ingredients I am putting on my face! Plus it is cheap frugal and all natural! You get to customize it to your own skin color so it will match perfectly. Plus, this lasts all day and I don’t get that worn greasy look by the end of the day like I did even with mineral powder!

Homemade Natural Power Foundation!

Ingredients depend on the color of your skin.

  • Arrowroot powder or cornstarch: this is a must for every skin type! Gives you that flawless look!
  • Cocoa powder: darkens and adds richness. I use a little bit of this even though I am super pasty white!
  • Cinnamon: same as coco powder
  • Ginger: if you have yellow pigments in your skin like mwah!
  • French green clay (or wheat grass powder): this is works great for people with more red pigments in the skin. Green cancels red!
  • Bentonite clay: totally optional but has great benefits for your skin.

Directions: In a small nonmetallic bowl add about 1 Tbs cornstarch. Depending on the color of your skin, start mixing in small amounts of the other ingredients until you get your perfect match. To figure out if you matched your skin tone just dip your finger in the powder, rub on the back of your hand, and go outside to see if it blends. If it doesn’t then add more ingredients and try again. Place in a clean jar.

To use: Gently tap brush in loose powder, tap off any extra powder back into the jar, and apply in a circular motion. Just like any loose powder foundation.

Side note: don’t forget to write down how much of each ingredient that you add that way you don’t have to play as much of a guessing game the next time around. Yes, I may have learned this one the hard way!

DIY Powder Foundation

 This makes me so excited! I have been wanting to make my own cosmetics for a long time and finally am getting around to it! Just like this Homemade Face and Body Cream that is awesome. In the next few weeks you will get to see a whole line up of homemade beauty products that I have been itching to try!

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  1. Sammy says

    Wow, that’s a great idea! But I’m super pale so i think I would be scared I would end up with just cornstarch on my face.. I think for now I’ll stick to store bought foundation (if anyone is looking for the right one I love this site:, it’s really helpful). But I might give your recipe a try maybe on a day when I’m staying at home.. what kind of coverage and lasting power do you get out of this? Do you think it would differ for different skin tones with different proportions of ingredients?

    • says

      Trust me Sammy I am super duper pale too! If you look at the color of the foundation I made it was super pale! It lasts all day too and I don’t get that gross greasy look my the end of the day like I usually do!

      • Anonymous says

        Hi, I actually made this powder foundation recipe yesterday, without the clay, (I will make some with, just can’t get it near me, so am ordering it online, and was so pleasantly surprised. It was so sheer and light, but controlled my very oily skin all day. I looked fresh and flawless all day long! I spent so much money over the years on “oil control” foundations, and not one of them worked. Thanks so much for the recipe Amy! Love it!

        Brett Bowman

  2. says

    I hate wearing foundation…something about it makes me feel closed in. This recipe looks so cool that I want to try it. I won’t because I know I would never use it. Good info to share though!
    Lydia recently posted…Jennifer {Book Review}My Profile

    • says

      Hope it works great for you! That would be amazing… Maybe one day! It’s funny because my mom is a sales rep assistant to someone who sells makeup to spas. Keep it in the family lol.

  3. says

    My only concern would be that the cornstarch be organic. With all of the scary Genetically Modified Foods on the main stream markets, I would make sure that I am using a non-GMO product from an organic source. I will try this as I love products that are all natural. Thanks for sharing!

    • says

      I think it should work pretty well for acne skin! My skin is pretty finicky/breaks out a lot and haven’t had any issues with it thus far. I actually think my skin has cleared up since starting to wear this! Hope it works for you!

  4. says

    Amazing! I have been wanting to start wearing make up again and can’t wait to make this. I won’t have to feel bad about what’s in it and I already have all the ingredients! :)
    Marie recently posted…DIY Thank You TagsMy Profile

  5. says

    Check wholesale supplies plus for a product called dryly, it is ultra fine cornstarch. Very smooth application instead of the slight gritty feel. Even if you add half and half to your regular cornstarch or arrowroot it makes a huge difference.

  6. says

    I am so excited about this post. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I have already started making my own. I had no idea I could make my own foundation!

  7. Hailey Adams says

    I was just wondering were you could find all of this. Did you buy the ingredients somewhere? Thanks!

  8. Kaitlin says

    As a thought for the green – finely powdered thyme is a lovely color, and very cheap, available just in the grocery store. I know it also has antibacterial/antimicrobial properties, so it seems like it could be a good choice for makeup. Might try a pinch when I make some next (using up ridiculously expensive store-bought organic makeup now, but I couldn’t resist trying a tiny batch of this the other day! Not too shabby for an ever-greasy girl like me).

  9. M.M. says

    This is a superb idea! I have just made a finishing veil this afternoon, from cornstarch and a broken up translucent powder (although it is so orange on its own), and due to lack of green clay I added a pinch of my store bought quality yellow powder for redness. I got a nasty infection so fever, red face and all the skin problems when you get sweaty overheated, and feeling lousy. But the little potion not only cheered me up but calmed my skin, my face looked naturally glow-y rather than bothered angry red and oily shine to lit up England( that’ where I am. And you’re welcome energy minister!) corn starch is so simple but it is great on enlarged pores, oily skin and calming redness, also good for preventing friction sores, eg breaking in new shoes, potato starch is brill for that, wonder if it would work as foundation base?
    Anyway, I will try the foundation recipe once I can get the clay, as the UK gov issued health warning for bentonite clay.
    Thanks for the recipes, and ideas, and for sharing your love of live, it reached me on another continent , well done Amy

    • CYNDEE says

      Bentonite clay is mined here in the U.S. in Wyoming and is used in kitty litter and oil dry for autos. It can hold up to 1000 times is weight in liquid and helps absorb the smell.

      • M.m says

        Thanks for that, someone should give that info on bentonite clay to the British health and safety folks, it is now withdrawn from all the retailers i tried ( i buy from reputable sources like the neals yard, famous in the UK for their organic cosmetics and care, from herbs to makeup). They told me they are no longer allowed to import it. The treen clay looks great though, and cleared my skin significantly, my friends are now trying to pay me to make them Amy’s foundation!!! Amy, think of making it on a larger scale!

        • says

          Really? That’s amazing! I will definitely have to start thinking about starting to make it and sell it! It’s to bad you can’t get the green clay in the UK!

  10. Janie says

    Can’t wait to try it! I love that’s it not only natural & frugal but vegan too. So hard to find vegan products. Thanks シ

  11. CYNDEE says

    Sounds like a great idea and I’m going to try it. I would like to make a suggestion about the color matching. Never test a foundation color on any other part of your body except your neck area close to the decolletage. Your hands and arms are more exposed to sunlight 365 days a year, why?, Driving! And you never try to match when you already have foundation on your face. If what you have on already is a bad match, what you purchase next can only be worse.

    Also, by holding it next to your neck, it will be close to the color of your clothing. We typically won’t wear a color that makes us bad. This will also show if what you have picked in too pink or too yellow for your skin’s tone. Ever see someone wearing the wrong shade and look like they have on a mask they wear at those masquerade parties?
    Florescent light is not your friend either, that’s why it’s important to get to a mirror in the store with a couple of shades, DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE COLOR NAME OR NUMBER!!!. Hold one on either side of your neck close to your clothing, you’ll see what I mean.

    Don’t go by color name on the bottle Nude Beige in one line may be totally different in another. The only time the name or color number is important is when you are going to buy it again.

    You can do the same when purchasing a new blush, hold some color choices back by your ears, pick two or three and see which works best. Eye shadows go next to the temple, and lipstick next to the lip.

    The right colors can take years off, make you look happy, healthy and younger!

  12. Manda says

    Hello, thanks for sharing your recipe.
    I tried this out however can’t get the powder to stay on my face :( I don’t have dry skin either so I can’t understand why it won’t stick. I’ve tried using coconut oil as a base first but the powder does still doesn’t seem to blend like my regular powder foundation. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any ideas?

  13. M.m says

    Manda, i had the same problem with arrowroot, i used the corn starch instead, and replaced half of it with green clay, perhaps that would help you? My skin now looks really good ( should have seen the face of my ex when he bumped into me at the shopping mall that was worth all the effort of experimenting). Also i use the mini brush i got with a sample from bare minerals, works better than the big purpose powder brush, i first tap the brush on the skin, as if i was stamping it with the powder, and then buff in circular motions, girlfriends are now doing the same and say they get better results too. Hope this helps.

    • says

      I would just add a little bit at a time, say about 1/2 tsp, mix, and try it on your skin to see if the color matches. Hopefully that helps!

  14. Aurora says

    I decided to attempt to make this powder today. I usually use Bare Minerals, which can be pricey. I read the various comments and decided to try various things that I already had from my spice cabinet, based on my skin tone, which has darker olive tones. I used corn starch as the base (I ran out of arrowroot). I added sage powder (since it is pale greenish, to counter-act reds), curry powder (due to my olive undertones), then cinnamon, nutmeg and clove powder (for my darker tones). I like it so far, and I smell like a Christmas cookie! I am curious how it will hold out after a long day at work, when my makeup usually wears off and I am left with an oily face.

  15. Breanne says

    Hi! Thank you for posting this,I cannot wait to try this out! Just to give me some guidance, can you tell me the measurements you used to get your colour? Thank you!!

  16. Sofía says

    This is a fantastic idea! Just a question, though. Is “cocoa powder” the one you use for cooking and making like a cup of cocoa? Haha I’m from Argentina, it sounds kinda funny to be using cocoa powder, that’s why I’m asking!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  17. Nicole says

    Hi, Amy!

    I just finished making this foundation powder but I am having trouble with it sticking together enough to actually stick onto/blend into my face.

    Any suggestions?


      • Nicole says

        I did use arrowroot powder and I thought that might be it. I added a teensy bit of coconut oil and now it’s sticking to the brush but not so much to my face, or blending into my face.
        Very interesting. Corn starch works better, I’m assuming?

        Thanks for the feedback!

        • M.m says

          I think I already wrote this, but for me it is the potato starch ( or potato flour as it is called in the UK, where I am), it works better than cornstarch and soothes my heat/ air con face rashes. For an extra bang I ground to powder a couple of zinc tablets, just to make it up to a teaspoon, and mix it with the other ingredients, it also helps the rashes, and spots, and is one of main ingredients in acne preparations, and physical sunscreens.
          And I use the mini brush that i got with some mineral powder sample, and first “stamp” my face with the powder then buff off in circular motions, for an extra smooth appearance a once over with a normal brush does it.
          Hope this helps

          • M.m says

            Hi, I am in the UK , and got mine as a normal food supplement from a drugstore called superdrug, but i think you can get them in any pharmacy or drug store or even bigger supermarkets in the USA. There are so many things that you have and we don’t due to EU regulations(such as big bags of baking soda, we only get the 100g tubes, borax, white clay…) so you should not have a problem.

  18. Stacye says

    Just ran across this post on Pinterest and I am thrilled. I already wear the brand name powder foundation and I love it because it is not heavy, but I can’t get as good as match to my skin tone as I would like. Can’t wait to try this out! Also going to try the tap and then circular motion method of application suggestion.

  19. Libby P. says

    I made this tonight; going to test it out tomorrow. I’m super excited! Powder foundation is so expensive, and who knows what it’s made from. Thanks for the natural make up series. I love your blog! :-)

  20. says

    I purchased the Arrowroot powder at Whole Foods. I already had Redmond Clay and I already had Organic Cacao Powder. I am a brown skinned black woman so had to use more of the cocoa but I expected that. So far so good. I smell like chocolate lol. Thank you for posting!

  21. Reina says

    what were your measurements of each ingredient? i think we may use about the same color if not i can adjust from there

  22. Alisa says

    Just came across your wonderful site through the Ball’s FB page. I love your gift ideas. I ttried the foundation power. It was a good start. 2 things happen when I applied it to my face,
    1 the powder clung the dry patches on my face. (out in cold windy days of shopping)
    2 it wasn’t as smooth as I expected. Do you think arrowroot is smoother than cornstarch for the flawless appearance?
    I used organic ingredients I already had (cornstarch, coco powder, ginger & little cinnamon)

  23. says

    Just wanted to note that arrowroot powder does a great job, and if you use a coconut oil based moisturizer first before applying the foundation, it holds it better. I have very acne prone skin and I have NOT broken out using the coconut oil moisturizer.

  24. Anonymous says

    Be careful with cinnamon. It reacts a little like pepper. I used it in henna to get a caramel brown tint and it felt very warm, almost hot on my scalp. Remember red hot candies? Cinnamon is HOT!

  25. Tania says

    wow this sounds almost too good to be true! I have a pale/pink skin and when I read about the French green clay I got so excited that maybe that wil conceal my pink color just a little bit! Is it a clay or actual powder? Wondering if I could just apply it before my bronzer. Thank you so very much for your time and this recipe,can’t wait to try!!

    • says

      Hey Adrienne! I’ve never tried that, but I don’t see why you couldn’t. Plus, it could possibly add a sunscreen property to it. Let me know how yours turns out!

  26. Marleana says

    Hi! I was wondering if you have an idea of cost.. (per oz.)?? I want to do lots of homemade stuff,but I want to know that I’m also saving a decent amount of $$ by doing it myself. Thanks!!

  27. says

    Wow! What a great idea! I’m just about to run out of powder and was not looking forward to having to spend $30+ on the natural, organic powder I usually buy!

  28. says

    I just tried this out and it works amazingly! I had to add a little more ginger to mine, since my skin has some yellow tones in it, but I am impressed! Thank you for the tips and tricks, I’ll give it a week and if I like it, then I will make a bigger batch!

  29. Tammy S says

    My 10 year old daughter has to wear makeup for her dance performances. There’s no way I would let her put chemical-laden products on her skin. She made several batches of this for herself, her friend and me. So easy and she got the color just right! Works great!

  30. says

    what about fair skin that has pink and yellow or yellow undertones what would you suggest for the pink color? I am fair but I have both pink and yellow undertones to my skin

  31. Hannah B says

    This is an incredible discovery. I always wore mineral makeup in junior high/high school and then after high school for some reason I started breaking out a LOT more than ever before (and that was after taking control of my life, losing 30 lbs, becoming a vegan, getting healthy, etc.) I’ve tried so many brands of foundations and spent so much money just to TRY them only to find that it dries my skin or makes me break out. I gave up on foundation for the past 2 months just because of the frustration. I am so excited to try this. I’m going to the store right after work to get what I need. I absolutely LOVE your blog. Thank you for the helpful tips!


  32. Miss Sami says

    I love your added note at the bottom, “don’t forget to write down your measurements”. I’ve fallen victim to that many years ago & had to restart from the groud up & swear I never got it right the same way as before! Great added tip for those starting out =D I have a dry erase board on the side on my refridgator that gets the wackiest notes and measurement calculations written on it that only I can understand but it’s so worth it in the end. It’s also crucial if you like to change food recipes to add more healthful ingredients. I thought I’d pinned this post & didn’t, I’m so glad I finally made my way back to you! As soon as I stop rambling, I’m going to make this!

    Do you think cinnamon would be irritating to some skin types? I’d never have guessed we could make our own powders! Plus I buy the luxury brands for some items, foundations & powders included, you just saved me a ton!

    • says

      Thats a great tip Sami! I need to do that so I don’t have little papers around everywhere. I could see how cinnamon could be irritating to the skin. I never add very much so I don’t have any issues and I have very sensitive skin.

  33. Jenn says

    Made it – love it. I’m biracial with sensitive, acne prone and aging skin UGHHH
    This has replaced my mineral powder foundation and my skin feels great.
    I would recommend organic arrow root 😉 Thank you for the wonderful idea. My skin has never felt better!

  34. Michelle Hays says

    Hi Amy,

    Thanks so much for sharing this. One question. Do you use fresh grated Ginger or Ginger powder/spice?

    Thanks so much! Can;t wait to try it out :)

  35. QiQi says

    Do you know if I would be able to use baby powder instead of cornstarch because I have a lot more of that than cornstarch

  36. Sami says

    I looked to see if anyone asked but may have missed it, what exactly is the bentonite clay for? I looked it up & it just said its a grayish color. Tho now I’m interested in doing a detox w/ it 😉

    But externally for the powder is that one of the main ingredients helping clear up the skin? I only had 3 ingredients on hand & am still in love with this powder!


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